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Hands Across the Sea is dedicated
to raising the literacy levels
of Eastern Caribbean children
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Donate to Hands Across the Sea
Hands Across the Sea
is a top-rated nonprofit
MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE. Give Caribbean kids the gift of literacy by sending new amazing books to a school lending library on the 2016-2017 Hands Wish Lists!
We Believe
Do you believe in the life-changing power of literacy? Do you believe that every child should grow up reading? Join us to bring positive, lasting change to the lives of children in the Eastern Caribbean.
that every child should grow up reading
35 projects assisted
31,070 books sent
6,190 children reached

85 projects assisted
61,330 books sent
11,660 children reached

25 projects assisted
25,670 books sent
5,450 children reached

63 projects assisted
45,380 books sent
16,000 children reached


53 projects assisted
40,950 books sent
11,730 children reached

46 projects assisted
18,490 books sent
12,340 children reached
CLASS Program
Amazing New Books
We send amazing, brand new books requested by Caribbean educators, from two dozen of the world's top publishers. These exciting, age-appropriate books get kids hooked on reading.
Vibrant Lending Libraries
We help create or rejuvenate lending libraries, most often in schools. Vibrant lending libraries are the nucleus that spreads a love of reading and literacy throughout schools and into homes and communities.
Sustained Literacy Gains
Our Hands Wish Lists and CLASS Program raises child literacy levels in the Caribbean. Our methodology, mentoring, and on-site Hands Literacy Links help sustain the gains in literacy.
Other groups send worn-out, "donation dumped" books to Caribbean kids. Hands sends brand new, asked-for books from the world's best publishers. Browse the Hands Wish Lists—that's where our targeted, highly effective child literacy assistance begins.
The proven three-step solution of our CLASS (Caribbean Literacy and School Support) Program—amazing new books, lending libaries, sustainable gains—is bringing a wave of change to the child literacy landscape of the Eastern Caribbean.