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November & December | 2016
The 50,180 Books of the 2016-2017 Hands
Wish Lists Shipment Have Landed!

It's time to celebrate for, 27,278 pre-school, primary school and secondary school children at 117 schools, because the books of the 2016-2017 Hands Wish Lists Shipment have landed in the Eastern Caribbean. Hands Across the Sea Program/Operations Director Amanda Dombach, working from the Hands Wish List of each school, purchased 27,630 brand new books from the world's leading children's book and education publishers (the 46 book covers you see below are merely a sample of the 1,950 titles we've purchased). To these we added 22,550 brand new books that were generously donated by CODE Canada, Conscious Discipline Cares, Keeping My Body Safe, Macmillan Caribbean, McGraw-Hill, Orca Books, Scholastic, the Westboro Congregational Church, and children's book authors Carol Cronin, Bruce Larkin, Sylvia Ross, and Janice Virant. Our 2016-2017 book total includes encyclopedia sets and subject-specific reference sets from World Book, too.

How do all these books get sorted and packed (the boxes for each school are filled with its Wish Lists-specific colletion) and then shipped? Meet our Hands Logistics Angels, three incredibly generous companies who together make our mission possible: Harte-Hanks, Inc. (warehouse and fulfillment expertise), AIT Worldwide Logistics (long-haul trucking), and Tropical Shipping (ocean shipping). And of course, you have been with us all along: your loyal and generous support makes it all happen. Finally, if you've been thinking of donating to Hands, may we suggest that right now—because the invoices from this year's 28 publishers are coming in thick and fast at Hands—is a really good time of the year!